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Diabetes Will’s Way is a nonprofit located in Carmel, Ind. serving young people in the United States who have type 1 diabetes. They serve families who land in the type 1 diabetes healthcare gap. These families have access to insurance. But, access to healthcare is still not enough.

Families who qualify for a grant are fighting for their children. But, their deductibles and copays are so high, they cannot afford their child’s monthly prescribed medicines.

For example, insulin still remains unaffordable for many.  The reality is one vial of insulin does not equate to a months supply.  In other words, type 1 diabetes patients not on a pump, most likely, need 2-3 vials of fast-acting insulin and at least one vial of long-acting insulin.  Families are still looking at approximately $500 to $600 per month for insulin alone!  Few families can handle that cost month in month out.  Yes, insurance can help, but it’s not enough.

Diabetes Will’s Way provides two types of grants. One is for durable medical equipment; primarily insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors.  The other is an emergency cash grant that helps families in crisis afford daily diabetic supplies like insulin, test strips, syringes, alcohol pads, insertion sets and cartridges.

      HOW'D WE GET HERE?     

My name is Joel Godett and I'm the organizer of The Type 1 Takedown.

I'm a sports broadcaster, working for ESPN and other outlets including the CrossFit Games.  At 32-years-old I was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic,

For the longest time I thought I was encroaching on type 2 diabetes.  My doctor even called me a unicorn.  I workout every day, weigh 140 lbs and really watch what I eat.  My blood work never made much sense, but it was also never too extreme.


Then, weird things started happening.  They were things that made me nervous.  I went in to have more work done and my blood sugar came back nearly 400 and my a1c almost 10.  Something was very wrong.

So, turns out, I have type 1 diabetes and yeah, I have a new normal, but as part of that I wanted to find a way to make a positive impact.  And here we are ...

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