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NOVEMBER 5, 2022

Founded in 2020, the Type 1 Takedown raises money to benefit Diabetes Will's Way, a 501c3 non-profit issuing grants to families and individuals that struggle to afford their type 1 diabetes costs.

In just two years the Takedown's has raised more than $23,000 in CrossFit gyms beginning in central Indiana and expanding nationwide from coast to coast and border to border.


The T1D Takedown is a workout occurring during regularly scheduled classes at participating gyms.  You can take part whether you sign up or not!

The first Saturday of Diabetes Awareness month each year, gyms throw down in support of a good cause.


Signing up for the T1D Takedown unlocks the complete experience.  Signing up earns participants a shirt and rewards from our partners.  It also allows you to submit your score for a chance to win more (RX, scaled and beginner divisions).


The T1D Takedown has raised more than $23,000 in two years to benefit Diabetes Will's Way and help families afford their children's type 1 diabetes costs.

The gym that raises the most money in 2022 will earn a little reward from NOCCO, the No Carbs Company.

Our goal is to make a difference while creating a great experience in your affiliate.



*Type1International, 2019

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